Real Estate Agent Services For Canberra Area

We understand that selling any property, especially your own home, is a big decision and sometimes an emotional one. Selling through a professional can save you stress, time and money, and help you achieve the top sales price in the minimum time. But how do you choose the right agency when, on the surface, we may all appear to do pretty much the same thing?

There are many agents around, and most handle the basics. It can be tempting to select someone who quotes the highest sale price or lowest commission rate or fee structure. However, some agents may inflate the potential price of your home just to get the listing. Some offer lower fees, but their motivation to sell your property could be diminished if their profits are minimal.

The key is to choose the agency that will introduce the most potential buyers to your home, and negotiate the top sale price in the minimum time, with the minimum of fuss.This means choosing an agency with depth of expertise, years of experience, a strong track record and motivated staff who are supported by the right training and technology. Peter Blackshaw Real Estate can offer all of this.